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Do you long for a community that gathers together innovation-forward people, who are ready to share experiences, eager to learn valuable tips, while immersing themselves in superior innovation practices to stay on top of a rapidly changing world? You found it.

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Unique Rarity features


Ability to connect with other innovation-forward people who can help level up your innovation quotient.


Elective trend interpretation and innovation curricula by adjunct professor of innovation Michael Tchong.

F2F Events

Meet new, or existing, connections at creative local networking events, like our #PizzaChampagne parties.


Rarity members can elect to participate in catalyst market ventures described below, earning tokens along the way.

Take a flight of fancy

Attend Michael Tchong’s Ubertrends Academy

Market Catalysts

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Rarity members are able to participate in the following market catalyst ventures. Once these ventures have been successfully incubated by Rarity and its membership, a governance token plan, modeled after those of innovative blockchain and crypto startups, will offer members an opportunity to up their game. 🥳 To kickstart your Rarity journey, please review these ready-for-innovation market opportunities:


Let’s open doors for you and let some light in.


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If you’re interested in working together to push innovation forward, drop us a line! We’re always looking for interesting ideas from creative people.

Toolhacker LLC

1925 Village Center Circle #150
Las Vegas, NV 89134

Market Catalysts are not an invitation to invest. Upon request, interested Rarity members may receive a prospectus from the designated incubation team. Governance tokens are available exclusively to paid members of the community. Events and courses are available at an optional cost. Ubertrends Academy courses require community membership.